Fruit Cake, Street Cred, & Throwing Food at King Herod

Today is Epiphany Sunday. My first year as a pastor, a solid thirteen and a half years ago, I was given the task of preaching on Epiphany Sunday. And the week before I was supposed to preach, I distinctly remember asking my co-workers:  “What in the world is Epiphany Sunday?” My co-workers stared at 22 […]

Lobsters, Reservoirs, and Eye Rolls (plus all my regret about that one time in Sobeys…)

A sermon from Micah 6:6-8 I usually do my grocery shopping on Monday mornings.  I have Mondays off, so I make a menu for the week, make a list of what I need to buy, and take my kids to Sobeys. Last year, the Sobeys in Steinbach kicked it up a notch, and they got […]

On being Christian, following the Bible, and the LGBTTQI* community

Over the past several years, the stories have started to accumulate. Stories that seem to follow the same story line. A Christian starts telling people they identify as LGBTTQI* And then the consequences start.   I know someone who was told they can no longer call themselves Christian.    I know someone who was no […]

The Bechdel Test, Policy Binders, and Calling Out the King

Have any of you heard about the Bechdel test? It’s a test developed by Alison Bechdel used to evaluate how women are portrayed in fiction, including literature and television and movies. The Bechdel test works like this:  If there are two women with names, talking to each other about something other than a man, then […]

Homer Simpson, My Teenage Girlfriend, & the Last Male White Rhino: Maybe the Cross Changes Everything

Why did Jesus die?  I’ve been asking people this question this week, and I’ve gotten some great answers.  My favourite, though was when someone sent me this picture:    Homer Simpson.  I definitely would have put that on the bulletin cover, but alas, our church bought these fancy printed ones with palms on the front. […]

Homicidal Maniacs, Seven Miracles, and Sociology

“What is truth?”  This is question Pilate asks Jesus. The good news for us is that this morning we’re going to get an answer.  2000 years of wondering about truth is all going to be solved today.  Lucky us.   <smile> To better understand what’s all going in today’s Scripture, we’re going to take a quick […]

The St. Lawrence River, Life Sentences, and Super Bowl Commercial Flops

Many of us here know about a river in Quebec called the St. Lawrence River.  But do any of us know why it’s called the St. Lawrence River? Well, before Europeans settled Canada, the Iroquois lived on it and called it Kahnawáʼkye, which means “The Big River.” But it’s still referred to as the St. […]

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