Stupendous Soup’s On Volunteers, Teenager Lovers, and Missing Bible Verses

Last week, I popped in for coffee break on Tuesday afternoon with the stupendous Soup’s On volunteers, and I asked them a question. “When you’re at church on a Sunday morning, do you like the sermons to be challenging or comforting?” The week before I had preached about climate change and how some scientists say […]

Baby Sleep Patterns, Hockey Night in Canada, and Participation Trophies

A sermon based on Luke 2:21-38, Jesus being presented at the temple. Jesus is taken to the temple as a boy, and Simeon and Anna are there, and when they see baby Jesus, wow, do they ever nail it. When they were holding Jesus, they used words like salvation, redemption of Israel, a light of […]

Jail, Cosmopolitan Magazine, and Paw Patrol Stuffies

Traditionally, the third Sunday of Advent is called Joy Sunday, where we are supposed to rejoice in all things. And the primary scripture passage used for this Sunday used by churches around the world is… John the Baptist in jail, right before King Herod orders his head on a platter. Rejoice, right? And to make […]

The word that best describes my sabbatical…

I wrote the following as a “report” on my sabbatical. Regarding Rhythms: Sabbath for Rest. Retreats for Reflection. Vacation for Recreation. Sabbatical for Renewal. As you by now know, I am back from a three month sabbatical.  I’ve been thinking for weeks and weeks as to how to best describe my time away, and I […]

Manure, the Antichrist, and Flossing – A post-election sermon

You spend 3 months on sabbatical thinking about what you’re going to preach about on Peace Sunday, and then you wake up Wednesday morning and find out that our neighbours to south of us elected Donald Trump. I understand that we are in Canada, so we’re watching from a distance. I understand that even here, […]

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